Saturday, March 23, 2013

MY Birthday:))

MY birthday was at the beginning of March.  This year it fell on the Friday before Spring Break --- the day could not have been any better!!!
My coworker Dalene made this beautiful spread for me and our class to enjoy for the day!


I took some cute pics with my AweSomE students --- you'll only get to see me though:))

My SPED team -- Mrs. Bosko and Mrs. Ledig :))
They were sooo sweet to bring me treats too!

My partners in crime in our room -- Dalene and Carol!  These gals rock and we have MAKE the most FUN days!  They even got me a massage during my plan time:)))

Then....on the next Sat night, we all went down to our besties house for a game night ---- woo hoo!!!
Ashley made me a cake...see my candles, yep, I'm 32!

{boys were in pjs, because they were headed off to bed with the Tremaine boys:))}

Precious littles eyeing the yummy cake!
I love these boys too --- even though I am ashamed to say they beat us in Wahoo --- DO NOT TELL THEM I SAID THAT!

Seriously.....this is the best game ever!!!!  I am a 3rd generation Wahoo player and it is soooo much FUN!  And I still laugh at thoughts back to our game night.  Ash and Jo are sooo much FUN:))
{we all get just a little competitive...we may or may not have lost --- and had to take a yucky shot!!  crazy boys!} was an AWESOME bday!!!  I got lots of cards in the mail and got to spend some Ashlee $$ and even got a lot of ME time to do it!! 
My friends and family are the BEST!!

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