Saturday, September 24, 2011

BOOtiful Halloween at our House:) I'm a little blog happy today...I think I am just refusing to do the laundry:) 
Anyhow...we are all decorated for Halloween around here...YAY...I LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween!  I remember my momma decorating a lot for holidays when I was a kid.  I think it just makes seasons so much FUN:)

I really love my black sticks - straight off the tree in my front yard! 
However, K saw me putting the candy corn in the worry is he will be able to climb the wall and eat them - I WOULD NOT PUT IT PAST HIM. 
(Today he ate his 1st birthday candle off of his momento joke!)

Another FAV - I've had this guy since college.

LOVE Mary Engelbreit!

My new addition this year - made by Rags to Riches (me) !

Happy Halloween!

A to Z of me!

I got this idea off of another blog that I love to read.  So I decided to do it myself. 
Not SUPER interesting...but maybe relateable:)

A - Age is 30 :(  I don't feel like a young chick anymore.

B - Bed Size is Queen...and I want a bigger one very badly.

C - Chore dislike the most is Emptying Dishwasher and Putting Away Clothes. 
(You should see the top of my dryer!) 

D - Dogs...NONE.  We do have cat the size of a dog though:)

E - Essential start to the day...hmmm...hard one, I like to have a little bit of ME time.

F - Favorite color, again hard!  Pink and turquiose right now.

G - Game... (I'm changing my topic)  I LOVE the game Wahoo!!

H - Height is around 5'5

I - Instruments...I played the clarinet in HS.  It was cool to be in the band in my HS...promise!

J - Job is a teacher...although I having a hard time with it!

K - Kids...I have 2 CrAzY, sweet, and lovable little boys, 6 and 2.

L - Live in the great state of TEXAS!  I moved away once but quickly found my way back home:)

M - My MOM is Janice and I could NOT live without her!

N - Nicknames...Ash and MOM

O - Overnight hospital stays...only with babies I think.

P - Pet Peeves...I know I have a gillion...just can't think of any right now...

Q - Quote from a movie...I have lots.  "Beginnings are scary, Endings are usually sad, but it's the Middle that counts."  Hope Floats.

R - Right or Left handed...Right

S - Siblings...I have one brother name Kyle.

T - TV show...sad, but I'm currently obsessed with Make room for Multiples.  And I LOVE HGTV!

U - Underwear...without a doubt!

V - Vegetable...pass...not my fav.

W - What makes you run late?  I spend too much time with my hair...I am my momma's daughter and it must be genetic:)

X - Xrays...not sure

Y - Yummy foods that you make?  Caramel Popcorn:)

Z - Zoo animals - Zebras.

I LOVE Fall!

Yesterday was the official 1st day of Fall and I am so excited!  Usually after the L O N G, HOT summers, Fall is so welcome.  And this is more than welcome.  Now...I do LOVE me some sun, but I'm about done and ready for the cool. 
Even though the weather isn't exactly here yet, we are getting ready. 

Lovely pics from years past:
(in the first can tell we were still in the heat:))

Happy FALL Ya'll!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rhome Pioneer Days - Rags to Riches...Sept. 10, 2011 :)

Ashley and I finally decided to do our 3rd craft fair and this time it was just right up the road in Rhome, TX.  We packed the car to the brim and drove up that morning at 6am!  Ash and I have such FUN road trips! 
Here we are allll set up and waiting for customers:)

Some of our goods:

We were so grateful to be able to borrow a tent from Karen for this event.  We did not get a pic of it, but she (Karen) had the Aggie tent right beside us!  The tents alone drew a nice crowd!

LOVE our old farmhouse "winders!"

Dallas Cowboys...anyone??!!

Karen had her booth of jewelry next door - it was such a fun day with just us gals!

SOLD to Karen!

We had LIVE music all day long...and we were right beside the stage:) 
These dancers were too cute!  LOVED their skirts!

The day was long, tiring, and dirty...but SO much FUN!  Looking forward to our next event:)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The News

Since my two boys have been born I have been unable to watch the news.  Little things just tear me up and make me very emotional.  The news usually just gives me one more thing to worry about.  Today, however, I watched.  I knew Texas had broken "the hottest summer" record today with 70 days at 100 or over...aren't we so proud?!?!  So, as I was watching, of course I got sucked into the fire coverage.  Fire is my biggest weakness.  I think about it constantly and create imaginary scenarios of what I would do if a fire was in a certain spot - I know...I need medication!  But all jokes aside, it scares the wits out of me.  In college, my brother and I survived a fire and lost everything. 
That is a feeling I will never forget. 

And then later this afternoon my mom calls and tells me about a fire at my Papaws house in Fairy.  My papaw passed away less than a month ago - their home and place, now more than ever, means the world to my family.  Luckily the house did not burn, but the barn, playhouse (the one my momma played in), and shop did.  I know memories are always in our hearts, but "things" do mean a lot to me.  I'm so thankful he was not there to see it or worry with it. 

Today I miss my grandparents so much -
and I'm reminded of all our great memories at this house. AND I'm so thankful it was spared!