Saturday, September 24, 2011

BOOtiful Halloween at our House:) I'm a little blog happy today...I think I am just refusing to do the laundry:) 
Anyhow...we are all decorated for Halloween around here...YAY...I LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween!  I remember my momma decorating a lot for holidays when I was a kid.  I think it just makes seasons so much FUN:)

I really love my black sticks - straight off the tree in my front yard! 
However, K saw me putting the candy corn in the worry is he will be able to climb the wall and eat them - I WOULD NOT PUT IT PAST HIM. 
(Today he ate his 1st birthday candle off of his momento joke!)

Another FAV - I've had this guy since college.

LOVE Mary Engelbreit!

My new addition this year - made by Rags to Riches (me) !

Happy Halloween!

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