Saturday, May 10, 2014

Keegan is 5!

On 2-17-14, this little boy/big boy turned 5 years old!!  He is so ready to grow up and be just like his brother.  
He is BEYOND excited for Kindergarten in the fall.  

Here he is at ONE year old and TWO :(((
Why do kids grow so fast?!

This year was kind of a "favorite things" party.  We had it at an indoor pool and I knew I didn't want to drag a bunch of "themey" stuff there.

A DONUT cake -- sooo Keegan right now:))


HONEY BUNS and FRUIT SNACKS for party favors!
{Truly all of K's favorite things}

Donna and the birthday boy --- SOOO sweet!!!

Krys and I and our little boy:)))


Mikey and K:)

So excited to swim and hit the slides!


Owen and Keegan -- such sweet little buds!

Cousin Nora :)

K and I ready to sing "Happy Birthday!"

LOVE LOVE this boy!!

BIG wish!

Ms. Kennedy:)


Mom and I

Finn and Joshua ... LOVE the next pic.  The top one they are 8...the bottom 5 :))

Ash and Jo

We had such a great time with our family and friends:))  
I know Keegan says "Thanks!"

Here he is on his actual bday before school.
Keegan...I LOVE YOU!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Baby Shower for Camille :)))

Baby showers are the BEST part about an upcoming baby.  A party all about me and my - soon to be - baby girl!!!  Ashley and Traci were so nice to throw me this celebration!  

Look at allllll the details.

LOVE these little sanitizers!

And baby girls monogram : 

Little hostess Hannah:))  aka..Millie's big sister:)

Me, baby Caroline, and the best little kinder girl in the world -- Breslyn!!

My mom worked SOOO hard on the ruffled crib skirt.  I do not even have words to express how much I ADORE IT!!!

One of the best things about baby girls is 

Mom and I 

Ashley, me, and Traci
{Thank you gals for giving me such a beautiful shower!}
{Thx Ashley for all the cute pics -- 
I'm getting good at stealing them right off your blog:)) ha!}

Christmas 2013

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmastime!!  The holiday season makes my heart super happy:)))

Here is J and I ready for pajama day at school!

Party Day and last day before winter break!  My kinders and I had a Grinch party!

Santa CAME!!

And Purple Jazzy left us a farewell note.

Santa even brought a present for Camille!!

As always...the boys were up EARLY and soooo excited about what was under the tree!

SO proud!

 GranJan was with us this year on Christmas:))

 Such HAPPY Christmas smiles:))

Wearing their new robes...

and riding their new green machines!!

"Maybe Christmas he thought doesn't come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more." -- The Grinch