Monday, May 5, 2014

Christmas @ the GAYLORD with Dad and Donna :))

This year for Christmas with Dad and Donna we went to the Gaylord.  Every year they do an ICE exhibit and this year was The Nutcracker:))  

We all met there on a Saturday morning to start our day of FUN:))
Kyle and his crew were coming too:)
(poor Ken got sick, but she came and made it all day!)

I had never been to the Gaylord --- 
it was decked out beautifully for the holidays!!

After we had some lunch -- we were off to see the ICE :))

Joshua and Aidan...
and sweet Nora :))

Keegan was a bit unruly that day :-/

It was so beautiful and COLD inside.  
EVERY single item made from ice!

These slides were some of the kids favorites!

HAPPY boy!

Donna rode too --- such a great Nonna!!

After the ICE show, we had tickets for some Kung Fu sledding:)))
Donna did this with them too:)))

And then after all the exhausting fun --- we were off to our hotel for the night.  Indoor swimming and pizza by the pool!!

These were some happy kiddos!!
Thank you Dad and Donna!!

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