Thursday, December 26, 2013

North Pole Breakfast and Purple Jazzy

We had our 2nd annual North Pole Breakfast on December 1st this year.  Our elf {Purple Jazzy} arrived and brought us breakfast treats and some gifts:))
He finds the cutest placemats for the boys to work on!  This year he found Christmas tree crayons!!
J's placemat
K's placemat
He left his breakfast for us in the fridge.  He is so thoughtful :)))
NEW pajamas!!!
And beautiful NEW ornaments. 
Even one for our new baby to come -- Camille :)
Keegan's ornament
Joshua's ornament
And here are some of his monthly morning greetings :)  We have such a sneaky one!!
One morn he even drew on the boys faces!
K was NOT super thrilled!!
This was our last Friday before Christmas break:))
Such a FUN guy to have around!  We look forward to his return in 2014!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Our Christmas Decor {2013}

Just a quick little Christmas Eve post...for my memories mainly...about our decor this season:))
These 1st few are of our "office/play" area.  We have recently redone this spot and I LOVE the shelves!!!  Krys and I hung them ourselves:))
I LOVE paper straws, blue mason jars and pom pom ribbon!!  The little green Christmas box is one of my favorite pieces I found while junkin a few years ago:)
LOVE the vintage Santa mug:))
 Little trees everywhere:)
This is Christmas in the boys room.  They have their little paper trees from our North Pole Breakfast, their own larger tree and some AwEsOmE Christmas lights on their dresser!
I made these a few years ago from my Papaws old shirts....I LOVE THEM SOO MUCH!
Little artwork melts my heart:)
{and look at his name:))}
The front door this year...very simple:)) 
And we always hang our icicle lights on our house.  This year I almost nixed this project, but luckily Krys was more motivated than I was:))
My ladder bookshelf in the living room:)
The mantel...
and our beloved SANTA --- with Purple Jazzy!!  Ha!! 
{Boys had such a hard time finding him this morn!}
Our tree.  Not a great pic---it is prettier in real life. 
Next year we are FOR SURE getting a new one -- I say this every year, but I mean it this one.  This here tree has been with me since my Christmas' in high school:))
FAVORITE ornaments:))
Keegan's hand Santa from last year {2012}
Ones he made at school THIS year
Our keepsake from Christmas with Dad and Donna at the Gaylord:) 
{Post to come about this}
Our beach vacay keepsake:) 
Joshua's Lake Pointe Owl from this years class party Camille's 1st ornament!  Purple Jazzy left it for her at our North Pole Breakfast!
A little Christmas in the kitchen:)
And that's pretty much it.  I had LOTS of projects in mind this year but got too busy:) 
 I LOVE Christmas and I hope I always do:))  I hope my home is always a warm and welcome place to our children and family!


Monday, December 9, 2013

Szymanski Baby #3 :)))

After we got home from Vacation, we found out we were pregnant and having Szymanski baby #3!  I wanted to find a special way to tell the boys and our family.  Lucky for us---they were all planning to come to Joshua's 8th bday party...even Krys' mom and dad from Seattle!!  So...I found these SUPER CUTE t-shirts and pretty much had them over-nighted to get here in time. 
I wrapped them up for the boys to open at our house before we left for the party.  It was SOO special, I think I was crying before they even got into the packages!! 
Our family was super surprised and excited!!  My mom thought K was opening a present for J -- because HE was the big brother...I think Krys' mom was just amazed by the excitement!!
My sis in law Christie got it right away...and then the kids caught on:))
It was a SUPER SPECIAL moment and I love the way the reveal turned out!!
And of course we had to do a photo session a few days later in our shirts:))
These boys are going to be the BEST big brothers!!!