Friday, December 6, 2013

Whew --- I'm months behind!!! VACATION PART 3 { I think:) }

I've gotten WAY behind on my blogging---lots of reasons why, which I will eventually get to. 
I did not want to forget about our wonderful vacation tho --- I have one more post to go after this one.  I know....TONS of pics, but we made so many FUN memories!
{these are not edited all cutesy...SHAME on me:)}
Here are the boys at the gift shop, looking for some Orange Beach, AL momentos:))  We may or may not have lost Keegan for a brief moment.  {That BoY!}
We spent a few nights on the beach looking for time we will take buckets and nets.  They were sooo fast but NEAT to see!!  I think the boys loved the flashlights the most:))

 I suppose the beach in the summer has occasional/often little storms. Luckily our hotel had some indoor pools:)
 Back outside:)
 Our room and balcony was the one on the VERY top ---
14th floor...EEEEK!

We took a little cruiser boat ride -- turned out to be SOO awesome!!

 We saw tons of dolphins!

 And both boys got to drive the boat! 
{we were pretty much the only ones riding that day:)}

 Our boat drivers were soo nice and playful with our boys!
Back to the beach with our new "surf" boards!

The view from our balcony---LOVE!!
 Boys practicing their picture taking skills...

More beautiful BEACH:)

 And a good clean bath!!  We could soooo live like this!
Part 4 coming soon -- family pics
and the  l.o.n.g  ride home!

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