Sunday, September 23, 2012


YAY...I have finally gotten around to getting my classroom photos all up.  I'm so happy about how my room turned out---for the most part it is a great place to be:))  I know I will continue to add little things, but this is it for now!

I was allowed to start going into my room mid-July and this is what it looked like on the 1st day.  I was a little overwhelmed by all the old teachers stuff...and allllll the velcro I had to remove. 
Oh...and the AC was OFF!!


I LOVE the space though...we have such a nice school!!
Below are some projects that I began getting ready for the room...mostly PINTEREST projects!
{This one I ordered off of Etsy.}

My fabric strip curtains, which I have actually had to take down now until I can spray them with a fire proofing spray:(

I finally have all the kids pictures ready to add to this masterpiece tomorrow!

And here she is in all her glory!!!  I LOVE room 112!!!

Quote:  "Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or in the same way."



Well, that is pretty much it!  I've already started getting Halloween stuff ready to add to the room.  I just LOVE it:)))

Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Boys:))

Our bedtimes around here usually start about 730 on school nights.  And tonight we were right on schedule. 
Krys layed with Joshua to listen to him read and study his spelling words for his test tomorrow...
And I layed with talk, as he likes to call it.  Remember this post?!?! 
{as a child I LOVED to lay in bed with my mom and play "cars."  I guess it must be a genetic thing:)}
But as we layed there, and he got a little quiet, he started singing:
"God our Father,
God our Father...
We thank You,
We thank You...
All the many Blessings,
All the many Blessings...
This is a song he has learned at his preschool and he sang it perfectly:)
I was such a proud mama I almost cried! 
I just LOVE my boys more than they will ever know!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

K's 1st Day!!!

Keegan has been going to PreSchool now for about 2 1/2 weeks. 
We started out with some morning tears :(((
... but he's all good now and excited to go!  He goes 2 days a week:)

This little boy is SOOOO handsome!!!
LOVE LOVE LOVE his little art pieces!  And he was sooo proud of them, along with his red folder, when he got home that 1st day.  He said it was his homework! 
Here he is at school, after all his goodbye tears.  Picture is courtesy of the BESTEST teacher I could have ever hoped for K - MRS. ASHLEY!
{my best friend in the whole entire world}


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Keegan is going to PRESCHOOL!

In 2 days our baby boy will start 3 year old PRESCHOOL!  And he could NOT be more excited.
Every.single.night, I lay in bed with him and we talk about what he will have in his new {firetruck} lunchbox.  It goes like this:
K:  "Mommy, guess what?"
M:  "What?":)
K:  "I'm gonna take cheeseburgers...let's talk about noses!!"
M:  "Do you want noses in your lunchbox?!"
K:  "Noooo"
And it goes on and on...he loves to talk about the silly things, like bunk beds, and mommy's car, and Binks.
It's just our routine I guess:))  Cracks me up though!
It was so cute to see him at
Meet The Teacher night:)


Our BELOVED Mrs. Ashley is one of K's teachers and Mrs. Mollie is the other!


I LOVE this boy to the moon and back!

Sweet Keegan, I am sooo looking forward to seeing all that you learn this year.  I know it will be so much fun to play with friends in your new BIG school. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Great Weekend:)

A couple of weekends before school started we took a whole family trip to Mikey and Donna's:))  It's so fun to load up the car and hit the road for a few hours.  I sooo remember doing that as a child {going to lakes, family's houses, etc.}  The boys were super excited. 
"Are we there yet?!"
We were met there by some rain, but luckily it did not last too long. 

The boys LOVE to go to Mikey's country to fish and ride the gator:)

Joshua got a fish!
And Keegan too!

A ride on the gator:)
Driving me around:) 
This boy is a GOOOOOD driver:)
Popcorn and a Movie

Mikey and his boys!  LOVE this crew!!!

Another fish for Josh!

It was sooo nice to get away.  We had some wonderful quality time with each other and Mikey and Donna! 
Looking forward to our next trip:))