Thursday, December 31, 2015

SuMmEr FUN :)))

Lots of swim time!!!  This chick was not so sure at the beginning of the summer of the water but LOVED it by the end!:)

1st summer night!
{Colton, Joshua, Keegan, and Camden}

LOVE LOVE LOVE her sweet face!

Camille and Caroline

Early June 2015 -- we were so excited to see walls :)))

Father's Day
We drove to Coleman for the day.  We went fishing and just played!

VBS with the Walker boys

Movies with these crazies -- Shauna kept the sweet girls

June 27, 2015 --- Camille turned 15 months!!  Where has the time gone?! :(((

MORE swim time!

Girl trip to WACO!!  Shauna and I had planned this trip months before and we were SO excited to get away.  {A HUGE rain tried to stop us -- but we drove 40 mph with our wipers on high and ended up being just fine!!}  We stayed in an awesome hotel -- thx to the business, went to Spice Village, and MaGnolia!!  {Fixer Upper is the best show ever!!  We did not see Chip or Jo.}

4th of JULY!!  {I had so many more pictures, but my computer has apparently eaten them.}
We had a swim evening and then to our spot in Roanoke with Kyle and family.  

CTHS baseball camp:)  This was Keegan's 1st year to be old enough and he was SOO excited!!!
Colton {AND Camden} went to his camp too!!

This was J's 2nd year for camp -- this year he moved into the older division in the afternoon. 

The last day of camp was a very rainy day -- the morning camp got called early and there was no afternoon session.  Us momma's {Shauna, Traci, and I}and kiddos had a great time in the covered area waiting for the DOWNPOUR to stop!!

A day at Hawaiian Falls!!

Girl fun with Cassidy and Caroline:))

MORE swim time!

A final summer trip to Mikey and Donna's!!

We love our summers VERY much!
Next blog:  our trip to Seattle:))

End of School {Kinder and 4th}

 Keegan and I being in Kinder together (2014/2015) was a lot of FUN.  This little boy LOVED being at school this year and did wonderful!!  Here we are about to head out on a field trip to see The Wizard of Oz at The Casa Manana.

In March 2015, we moved to the apartment.  The pool was by far the BEST part.  This pic was in early April!!!  Brrrrrrr...

The Kinder Graduate!!  Granjan, Daddy, and Millie all came to watch!!  We went to Braums afterwards and had ice cream!!

Joshua's 4th grade award ceremony.  What a handsome 9 year old!!

PE FUN DAY!!  {Field Day}

Joshua on his 4th grade field trip to the nature center. I could not get a sub and go, but another awesome momma sent me a pic:)))

Kinder had fun days at the very end of the year --- this was ORANGE day :)))  
"Orange you glad it is almost summertime??!!!!"

Fun days on the playground with these sweet little kindergarteners!!  {K is quite the lady's man -- surprise surprise!}

Mother's Day
We had a very low key day and then drove to Montana's for dinner...MY CHOICE!:))))))

Apartment living at its finest :))

This girl is ready for SUMMER

And we finally made it!!  The last days of school and the 1st days of summer are the BEST!

Get ready --- I "think" I'm about to start playing catch up :))))

Over this Christmas break I have read LOTS of blogs!!  I have had some down time and I love them so much!  I'm going to do my very best to get caught up...again...AND to do better at blogging (I've said it before!).  Not because it is a chore -- but because I really love it:)))

Get ready my people -- if I still have any people:)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Easter 2015

Yes -- you read that right -- EASTER in July!!  I really want to post about summer fun, trips, camps, and vacation...but I will try to go in order.  So -- back to early April! {Honestly---I don't think I ever do posts on Easter.  This must be the time of year I get too busy!}

I "try" to set up a fun Easter morning breakfast for the kids.  The Easter Bunny always visits us right before we wake up!
Apartment life this year --- I didn't have too many of my pretties available.

Camille's 2nd Easter -- but her 1st 'real' Easter basket :)))

I love the boys "baskets" too!

{I remember a few eggs were even found MONTHS later!!!  I love it when that happens!}

LOTS of pics of baby girl --- she was LOVING this!!

Our day was a very LOW key Easter Sunday.  It was damp and cool if I remember correctly.  I did, however, get them dressed for a few pictures.  

9 years old

6 years old
{is that chocolate on his mouth??!!!}

1 year old

On to more...