Thursday, December 31, 2015

End of School {Kinder and 4th}

 Keegan and I being in Kinder together (2014/2015) was a lot of FUN.  This little boy LOVED being at school this year and did wonderful!!  Here we are about to head out on a field trip to see The Wizard of Oz at The Casa Manana.

In March 2015, we moved to the apartment.  The pool was by far the BEST part.  This pic was in early April!!!  Brrrrrrr...

The Kinder Graduate!!  Granjan, Daddy, and Millie all came to watch!!  We went to Braums afterwards and had ice cream!!

Joshua's 4th grade award ceremony.  What a handsome 9 year old!!

PE FUN DAY!!  {Field Day}

Joshua on his 4th grade field trip to the nature center. I could not get a sub and go, but another awesome momma sent me a pic:)))

Kinder had fun days at the very end of the year --- this was ORANGE day :)))  
"Orange you glad it is almost summertime??!!!!"

Fun days on the playground with these sweet little kindergarteners!!  {K is quite the lady's man -- surprise surprise!}

Mother's Day
We had a very low key day and then drove to Montana's for dinner...MY CHOICE!:))))))

Apartment living at its finest :))

This girl is ready for SUMMER

And we finally made it!!  The last days of school and the 1st days of summer are the BEST!

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