Friday, June 29, 2012

J's Room

This is our 6 year old boy Joshua's room.  We are linking up with Kellys Korner on this one see Keegan's room, go HERE

I just LOVE J's is VERY FULL - I was going for the TGIFriday's look:))

There are SO many special items in here. 
His name letters {hanging vertically on the wall}, I got at an airport in California before he was born.

Vintage, Boy, Eclectic is what I call it:)

Since J has a big bed, he usually gets our guests to slumber with him - they don't mind a bit!!!

This was my desk when I was little...
it was pink of course:)

I LOVE THIS QUOTE!!!  It is off the movie "Meet the Robinsons." 
Go HERE to read more about that...

I'm looking for a HUGE open frame to go around it.

1st cowboy hat and backpack...

This letter J is probably the MOST special thing in Joshua's room.  It is from the Fairy, TX schoolhouse before it closed down years ago.  My mom had it {Janice} and gave it to Josh. 

 I LOVE it to pieces!!

My first born in the belly:)

Thanks so much for visiting our rooms!!

K's Room

I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner again today to show off my sweet K's room.  Keegan turned 3 in February and he got his "big boy" room:)) 
Kids room are definitely my FAVORITE to decorate:)

This dresser was my Papaw and Granny's.  It was in their bedroom for as long as I can remember.  I am SOOOO happy to have it in my home.  I LOVE the color I chose to paint it, along with the turquiose blue knobs - blue was Papaw's favorite color you know?!

K's little shelf with some special items.
The KMS blocks were mine when I was little.

Some special friends!

Keegan has a HUGE closet, sorry I didn't get pics of the inside...OR of the lock that I keep on those closet doors to keep the inside clean!

My daddy made both our boys a name piece out of old fence.
I LOVE special, meaningful, things like that!

The bunkbeds and toys complete his room:) 
Thanks so much for looking!


Monday, June 25, 2012

Field Day

1st Grade Field Day was a completely HOT, humid, sticky, muggy, suffocating, but, ENJOYABLE day. 
I was so happy to be able to join Joshua for his fun filled afternoon, complete with yummy treats to follow:)

{my 6 year old boy - what a face of determination!}

The rubber chicken sling shot was his fav!!


Tug of war was so fun to watch.  Each of the 1st grade classes had their turn to compete.

Mrs. Nicholson's class WON!!

Joshua has a summer birthday, so we like to do "something" for him with all his school buds. 

And what a great day it was for a cold snack!!

Cannot believe my baby boy will be 7 and in the 2nd grade soon! 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Thomas the Train

This post is waaaay late - even tho it was a Super Fun Day:)  This was a day back in April that we went to Grapevine to see Thomas the Train.  It was a VERY rainy day !!!
Here we are in the car...hoping for a let up in the rain so that we could RUN to the tent area:))

There was a little tent full of trains for play:)

Waiting on Thomas to come down the tracks...

What a cute little engine!

We had a lot of fun riding Thomas the Train!  I love these little adventures we take as a family.  Great Memories:)