Friday, June 1, 2012


The last day of the school year is a sad one for this momma:(  I'm unsure why, but it always brings a tear to my eye.  Even when I watch other children ending a chapter in their saddens me.  There is something about ceremonies at the end of the school year that really get me.  Songs and videos and alll the good memories:) 

This year seems sadder than the last because I got to teach at a wonderful, awesome, top of the line, school this year.  And it came to an end yesterday...hopefully only a temporary end, time will tell:))

Regardless, of how down I am that this school year is over, it was great for all of us!  And we DO LOVE US SOME SUMMERTIME!  So...on to the pictures, so I can remember these milestones forever:))

K stayed with Ms. Heidi and his pal Ethan this year.  I know they had a wonderful year full of learning and play together. 

And not many people can "handle" K -- so hats off to you Ms. Heidi!

 Look how J is growing:((( 
He will be in the 2nd grade in only a few short months!  WHERE has the time gone!

I attended Joshua's end of the year party...again, I must join in now because I know that the day will come when he does not want me there.  They had an old fashion picnic, complete with root beer floats {which he did not like, but I did:))} 

Look how the school year has changed us - I want to keep these sweet faces small forever.  How do moms do it?? 

On to the FUN days of summer...

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