Friday, June 29, 2012

J's Room

This is our 6 year old boy Joshua's room.  We are linking up with Kellys Korner on this one see Keegan's room, go HERE

I just LOVE J's is VERY FULL - I was going for the TGIFriday's look:))

There are SO many special items in here. 
His name letters {hanging vertically on the wall}, I got at an airport in California before he was born.

Vintage, Boy, Eclectic is what I call it:)

Since J has a big bed, he usually gets our guests to slumber with him - they don't mind a bit!!!

This was my desk when I was little...
it was pink of course:)

I LOVE THIS QUOTE!!!  It is off the movie "Meet the Robinsons." 
Go HERE to read more about that...

I'm looking for a HUGE open frame to go around it.

1st cowboy hat and backpack...

This letter J is probably the MOST special thing in Joshua's room.  It is from the Fairy, TX schoolhouse before it closed down years ago.  My mom had it {Janice} and gave it to Josh. 

 I LOVE it to pieces!!

My first born in the belly:)

Thanks so much for visiting our rooms!!


  1. As always...LOVE his awesome room!! I definitely thing TGIFridays every time I'm in there!! :)

  2. Really, really cute! That framed J is awesome! :)

  3. I also really like the framed J.