Saturday, April 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Our Thanksgiving was spent at Mom's house again this year.  We sadly only make this long drive about once a year.  It is really a lot of fun to get packed up and go --- like a mini vacation!  

Joshua (8) Keegan (4 1/2)

This is the beginning on Mom and Bob's road.  They drive about 3 miles of this everyday to get up to their house.  

This year we had great weather and the kids were "semi" trustworthy --- they had lots of freedom to play in the "woods" right around the house.  
This is the year they found BIG FOOT!!  :))))

Sweet cousins!

Not too many pics this year.  I think I was too busy enjoying the company and just relaxing.  
(5 months preggo with Camille)

And just for fun, I always like to look back :))  I'm not sure what happened in 2010.




I am SOO Thankful for ALL the blessings in my life!

Friday, April 25, 2014


November 13, 2013 was our appointment day.  I was SOOOOO anxious for this day to arrive!  I took off work, Krys was off anyway, and we kept both boys with us for the day.  
We were gonna find out if Baby #3 was a BOY or a GIRL!

I think my whole family was waiting by the phone that day.  I'm not sure why the gender reveal seems like the BEST part about having a baby!!!

I think my BFF Ashley was at home having an anxiety attack waiting for my call.  

Of course, we all were going to be thrilled with either news, but the world KNEW I was dying inside to have my baby girl.  So, when the technician said that she was, in fact,  A LITTLE GIRL (OUR BABY CAMILLE),  

After phone calls to spread the news, Ashley met us in the park to take a few pics. 
{ I'm so glad we took time to do this --- thanks a million times to my Ashley. 
 I stole these pictures straight from your blog:))) }

Camille...we began calling you by name from this day forward!!  We LOVE you more than you know!!!

Halloween Night 2013 :)

We LOVE Halloween around our is SOOO exciting!!  
This year it fell on a week day...ugh.  But that did not spoil our fun.  Sadly, Krys had to work, so we invited the Jacksons over for dinner and then out for some candy!

Pumpkin Pizza!!

Look at these sweet faces!!  Soon they will be too big to dress in costume :(((
This year Keegan (4 1/2) LOVED his police officer costume.  Joshua (8) wanted to be an army dude --- and so the army ninja worked perfectly!!


Joshua, Keegen J., Hannah, and Keegan :)))

Hannah was the jail bird and K the officer!!  

Our 1st stop of the night was Grace Place --- a fun little carnival with some trunk or treating!
We saw the Tremaines:))  LOVE these Toy Story characters!!

K and his teacher Ms. Naboli (Natalie) :))

Such FUN memories!!  
(Camille already has her costume for next year...oh.the.cuteness!!!)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Pumpkin Patch and Pumpkin Carvin {2013}

Every year we try to visit the pumpkin patch and do some FUN Halloween festivities.  
I sadly think my boys are getting too big and bored with the patches --- however I'm sure I will make them go one more year --- Camille must have some 1st pumpkin pictures:))

We all had a great time:))  
I cannot believe how my boys have grown!

Our boys LOVE to carve pumpkins!  
I think they asked 495 times every single day since the day we bought the pumpkins.  

Sunday, April 20, 2014

My classroom -- 2013/2014 -- KINDERGARTEN :)))

{Still catching up:))}  In August I began my 2nd year at LPE and my very 1st year as a KINDERGARTEN teacher.  Kindergarten has been my dream grade level...and even now in April...I can still say that.  
Don't get me wrong --- they can whine, and cry, and tattle and tattle and tattle -- but I LOVE THEM!!  
I don't feel like I ever want to leave:))

I luckily got to keep the same room from the year before.  It just needed a bit of an over haul:)) 
Vintage Circus was the theme I chose --- all fun Kinder rooms need a theme! 

The popcorn buckets in the cubbies are probably my favorite.

My area:))

These little stools are one of my favs too:)))  

This is where I sit to read alllllllllll the stories!!!

Our behavior management system --- LOVE that seal! (Thx to my BFF!)
And the little popcorn bucket word wall --- SOOOO much work, but VERY cute!

This classroom took LOTS of time to come together.  I spent many days over the summer laminating and cutting it out and printing books and just getting things organized.  
Teaching is definitely a work of the heart:))