Sunday, April 20, 2014

{ WAYYYYY Behind!! } Beginning of school 2013

So...this is my 1st blog of the YEAR...IN APRIL:))  Life has just been too busy for blogging--I've got soooo much to catch up on.  I DO love this here blog --- one day I will LOVE looking back at these...I already do:)))
So...our "busyness"  --- We have a new person in our family.  I have LOTS to eventually blog about our Camille. 

For this blog, I am going back to August of 2013 --- seems like yesterday in a way:))
Our Keegan began his last year at Grace Place in the 4s classroom. 
He LOVES school and I feel so thankful that he is able to go:))

Here he is on "Meet the Teacher" night.

Such a "twinkle" in his little eyes!

And here he is on the 1st day of School!! 
{ I was at school myself -- so the hubs, again, had the responsibility of taking porch pictures:)) }

{LOVE the open sandal...#mommyissues!! }

And here is our Joshua on his 1st day of 3rd grade -- his "Meet the Teacher" is in a past blog:))
LOVE my little pancake!!

More blogging to come --- HOPEFULLY!!!

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