Friday, April 25, 2014


November 13, 2013 was our appointment day.  I was SOOOOO anxious for this day to arrive!  I took off work, Krys was off anyway, and we kept both boys with us for the day.  
We were gonna find out if Baby #3 was a BOY or a GIRL!

I think my whole family was waiting by the phone that day.  I'm not sure why the gender reveal seems like the BEST part about having a baby!!!

I think my BFF Ashley was at home having an anxiety attack waiting for my call.  

Of course, we all were going to be thrilled with either news, but the world KNEW I was dying inside to have my baby girl.  So, when the technician said that she was, in fact,  A LITTLE GIRL (OUR BABY CAMILLE),  

After phone calls to spread the news, Ashley met us in the park to take a few pics. 
{ I'm so glad we took time to do this --- thanks a million times to my Ashley. 
 I stole these pictures straight from your blog:))) }

Camille...we began calling you by name from this day forward!!  We LOVE you more than you know!!!

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