Sunday, April 20, 2014

My classroom -- 2013/2014 -- KINDERGARTEN :)))

{Still catching up:))}  In August I began my 2nd year at LPE and my very 1st year as a KINDERGARTEN teacher.  Kindergarten has been my dream grade level...and even now in April...I can still say that.  
Don't get me wrong --- they can whine, and cry, and tattle and tattle and tattle -- but I LOVE THEM!!  
I don't feel like I ever want to leave:))

I luckily got to keep the same room from the year before.  It just needed a bit of an over haul:)) 
Vintage Circus was the theme I chose --- all fun Kinder rooms need a theme! 

The popcorn buckets in the cubbies are probably my favorite.

My area:))

These little stools are one of my favs too:)))  

This is where I sit to read alllllllllll the stories!!!

Our behavior management system --- LOVE that seal! (Thx to my BFF!)
And the little popcorn bucket word wall --- SOOOO much work, but VERY cute!

This classroom took LOTS of time to come together.  I spent many days over the summer laminating and cutting it out and printing books and just getting things organized.  
Teaching is definitely a work of the heart:))

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