Saturday, October 27, 2012

Our week...

This week was Red Ribbon Week at our school.  So, we used our school
spirit to say NO to drugs:)
Monday was College colors day!
 Tuesday was RED day.
 Wednesday was Sweats day - no pic:(
and Thursday was PJ DAY -- my FAVORITE!
 random: On Thursday night we also made cupcakes, we are getting
sooo excited about HALLOWEEN!!
 Friday was Lake Pointe colors day!
It was also the annual MOMS AND MUFFINS day.  So, Joshua and I got to enjoy some early morning time together:)  And the muffins this year were VERY good!

That's it! 
Only 3 more weeks till THANKSGIVING BREAK, which means a WHOLE week off for us!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


I LOVE my kids work.  I save a lot of it, just because I cannot part with it.  I love their little hands and their handwriting. 
It just melts this momma's heart!
Keegan has been bringing home TONS of artwork from Pre School.  He has an alphabet book where he turns every letter into something cute...I'm loving it already and we've only just begun:))

SOOOO proud!!

And Joshua brings home some pretty AWESOME work too.  His writing is getting so good and I just love seeing his thought process.  This little story is about catching a frog in a bucket in the backyard one day.  Who would've would have been something to write about?!?!

And look at all the 100's on his spelling tests!!  Now, I have to be honest.  At first I was convinced that he must be cheating.  I contemplated over talking with his teacher...just to keep a watchful eye.  But then I started testing him at home after the test...and he got 100's!!!!  I'm sorry I was doubtful, or surprised, but I am SO SO SO proud!!!  Second Grade has been really good for our boy!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Kennedy's 5th Birthday!

My super sweet niece turned 5 years old at the beginning of October! 
We had a wonderful family celebration!!
All the crazy kiddos...Keegan, Ken, Joshua, and Aiden

Isn't she the SWEETEST?!?!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pic - SUCH happy smiles!!
{"Kennedy, I remember the night you were born, seems like yesterday!"}

K was SOOOO wanting to help her rip open these gifts!

Ken's 5th addition to her Precious Moments Birthday Train:))

Christie and Aiden

Mikey and 2 little crazy kiddos

{{Sorry - I did not get one single picture of
GranJan or Krys.  So sorry:( }}
CAKE time!
She is counting to make sure there are 5 candles:)

Happy Birthday to you!

Sweet Cousins!

We had a wonderful afternoon with Ms. Ken and family. 
I LOVE my family BUNCHES!

School Days

A few weeks ago I got to stay home later than normal and see the kiddos get off to school.  The mornings have kind of been a rat race lately, getting clothes ready, lunches, etc...but oh, how they still love to go out and go off to school.
Keegan just LOVES going to his big school!  On T/Th, Ms. Ashley swings by to pick him up:))
Joshua likes school too...he is just getting a little "too cool" for my pics:)
 Ms. Ashley and K - off to Grace Place!
 The Crew - Aidan, Finn, Josh,
Mya, Hannah, and Keegen.
{I LOVE our neighborhood!!}

 Such wonderful "school day" memories:)

Saturday, October 6, 2012


So...I seem to have really gotten caught up in life and I have soooo many pictures that I have never gotten to.  {I have a whole blog that will come one day soon about our Easter:) That's how behind I feel.} 
So, here are some highlights that will take us back into the summer. 
Kind of a phone/camera dump, if you will:)
Here is my sweet K - he recently learned to ride his bike with NO training wheels...HE IS 3! 
And SUPER fast.
Joshua and his 2nd grade teacher {Mrs. Smith} on the 2nd day of school:)  I'm kind of struggling with being the mommy I want to be and also, a teacher this year.
 We have a new niece in our family.  Sweet baby Nora was born on Meet the Teacher night:) 

A glimpse back to our summer days by Bubba's pool with a pizza lunch. 
Joshua and Aiden
More FABULOUS summer days -
the set of pics following are from our favorite splash pad with our favorite friends!!
It was starting to rain...

Playing outside...Maddy and K:)
 Angry Bird, Sweet Joshie!
Pinterest Project Jolly Rancher suckers!

And finally... just some summer day FUN!
Now I feel like I can move into FALL:))