Thursday, October 25, 2012


I LOVE my kids work.  I save a lot of it, just because I cannot part with it.  I love their little hands and their handwriting. 
It just melts this momma's heart!
Keegan has been bringing home TONS of artwork from Pre School.  He has an alphabet book where he turns every letter into something cute...I'm loving it already and we've only just begun:))

SOOOO proud!!

And Joshua brings home some pretty AWESOME work too.  His writing is getting so good and I just love seeing his thought process.  This little story is about catching a frog in a bucket in the backyard one day.  Who would've would have been something to write about?!?!

And look at all the 100's on his spelling tests!!  Now, I have to be honest.  At first I was convinced that he must be cheating.  I contemplated over talking with his teacher...just to keep a watchful eye.  But then I started testing him at home after the test...and he got 100's!!!!  I'm sorry I was doubtful, or surprised, but I am SO SO SO proud!!!  Second Grade has been really good for our boy!

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