Sunday, October 21, 2012

Kennedy's 5th Birthday!

My super sweet niece turned 5 years old at the beginning of October! 
We had a wonderful family celebration!!
All the crazy kiddos...Keegan, Ken, Joshua, and Aiden

Isn't she the SWEETEST?!?!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pic - SUCH happy smiles!!
{"Kennedy, I remember the night you were born, seems like yesterday!"}

K was SOOOO wanting to help her rip open these gifts!

Ken's 5th addition to her Precious Moments Birthday Train:))

Christie and Aiden

Mikey and 2 little crazy kiddos

{{Sorry - I did not get one single picture of
GranJan or Krys.  So sorry:( }}
CAKE time!
She is counting to make sure there are 5 candles:)

Happy Birthday to you!

Sweet Cousins!

We had a wonderful afternoon with Ms. Ken and family. 
I LOVE my family BUNCHES!

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