Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Don't Judge:)

My little Keegan is always into mischief - lately...It's The Closet! 

 Plan A:  After fixing his closet door handle...this plastic child safety thingy was a sure answer.


Plan B:  Chains! 

I'll let you know:)

Monday, August 22, 2011

1st Grade:)

Today my little pancake is off at school again.  I remember this exact day last year...home without him.  I know he is going to have an awesome year though! 

Here are J and his best buds before meeting their teachers on Thursday night.  I was out of town and did not get to go - I left my babes with MY bff Ashley:)  She's the awesomest girl ever and took these lovely pics for me!

Mrs. Bush and J.  Makes me sad that Kinder is over.

Joshua's new classroom

I remember this photo last year...We now must always live in this house because I will need 13 of these pics of him over the years.  (I hope he is always this eager!) 


Joshua and Mya waiting for the bus.  So independent they rode the bus the 1st day!  Mya may never move either...we currently have IT made!!!  (For a moment last night I thought the company had moved our bus stop and I about had a heart attack...the end of my driveway spoils me!)  I hope my kids adapt to change better than I do:)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer Snapshots:)

So...school starts tomorrow and I have mixed feelings about the summer being over.  Endings...no matter what they are, are always a bit of a bummer. 
And of course the Future brings more worries:) 
The summer seemed to fly by though...and we got to do lots of FUN things
and make lots of little memories - that's what it is all about right?!

Monday, August 15, 2011

MY Papaw

This is what I remember about my childhood: 

1.  Christmas at Papaw and Granny's house.  Papaw always had BLUE lights on his house:) 

 2.  Going to the lake and riding bikes. 
Papaw and Granny had bikes of their own! 

3.  More holiday get togethers. 

 4.  YES...that is MY PAPAW jumping on our trampoline! AWESOMENESS!!!

 5.  Support!  Papaw and Granny were the MOST supportive grandparents.  They came to everything of ours!

6.  Such an example of LOVE = here they are at their 50th anniversary party!

 7.  More TOGETHERNESS - P and G with all 6 grandkids.
(I'm the little one)

 8.  #1 Fans. 

 9.  We love you so much!

 10.  Memories

11.  Family

And the list could go on and on!  Warm Chocolate Pudding, Kite Chasing, Sitting on Granny's "bump" in her car, playing cars, and GAMES - yes I give them credit for my WAHOO skills :) 


Kids say the darndest things!

Ok...I thought this was the cutest thing - The other day we were getting ready to go swimming and Joshua had to find his "new" sunglasses to wear.  He then said "These are the glasses Jesus gave me!"  (He got them from VBS!!!)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rain, Rain, Come and Stay!

Finally something to blog about (I've been in a blog funk.)...it is RAINING! 
or it was...only for about 20 min:(

It has been the HOTTEST summer ever.  Over 100 every single day and nothing to do but stay in the AC:)  Today we saw the clouds coming up and we all got so excited -
the smell was awesome!!!

Outside at 2pm and not melting!