Sunday, May 20, 2012

Baseball Days...

We are playing our 1st season of BASEBALL!  It is coach pitch/tee ball.
Joshua is doing AWESOME!

K loves going to games too:))

After Game 1!

Game 2

Keegan and Owen playing cars.

Batter up!

He got a hit!!!

 Made it allll the way to 2nd:)

I love this little boy to
the moon and back!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

This post is for my wonderfully, sweet and loving Mom. 

Even though my mom and I live 5 hours apart...we are always together.  There is not a day that I don't think of her and usually only a few days go by that I don't talk to her.  I crave her conversation and hearing her voice calms me in ANY situation {I'm 31 years old and stilll need my momma to tell me that everything will be okay}. 
I LOVE her soooooo very much.

I would definitely say that I have always been a momma's girl, especially growing up.  I'm sure I was that child that would not give her a moment of privacy.  Even when I was in High School, we were incredibly close.  

Tidbits about my Momma: 

*When my brother and I were kids, mom helped us boobie trap the yard at Halloween...we still laugh at a young boy that we scared:)  Other years, mom drove me and my friends around while we toilet papered our buds!
*She gave me the most wonderful birthday parties - I will treasure those memories in my heart forever.

*My mom has taught me how to be a good mom:)

*When I moved off to college, my momma stayed in my dorm room with me...I still laugh about the roly chair incidnet while decorating.

*My mom has always had FUN with us...I remember games of Memory, blanket tents, swimming in the backyard...

*My momma was one of my biggest fans in all my sporting events while growing up.  She was NOT afraid to stand up for me!
*In High School, mom would go walk the track while we would have cross country practice...AT 5:30 AM!!
*Mom made me bunny pancakes when I was a little girl:)

*My mom and I are "Peas and Carrots."

*She is our very own GRANJAN!

*My momma always remembers my birthday and is the 1st to wish me a happy 12:32pm.
*My mom still has her "Mom" mug that we got her one year at Jordan's Pharmacy in Hamilton, Tx.
*When both our little boys came into the mom was right there by our side.

*She always tells me how proud of me she is.
*My mom loves PINK just like me:)
*My momma is an excellent baker!  Lots of goodies growing up -- like my pink pound cake:!

But most of all, and more than mom has always made me feel soooo very LOVED. And I LOVE her right back!

I know she loves me, I feel it, and I think that is the greatest thing a momma can do for her child.  She tells me often that we come from a long line of love. 
I know her momma loved her just like she loves my brother and I. 
Home {in my heart} will always be where my mom is:)
"No one will ever love you like I do."

So...Happy Happy Mother's Day!
I love you bunches!


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Arlington Craft Fair

One Saturday a few weekends ago, my BFF Ashley and I went to Arlington for a fun day of crafts.  The end result was NOT profitable, but we always have a good time when together...AND we know our stuff is super duper cute!!

{chalkboards were our new thing this time...YOU know you want one?!}
 We have lots of banners...Peeps, Freedom, USA, or we can make custom orders:))
 Our beautiful chair "Big Red"

 Open frames and Rag Wreaths

 Gorgeous Yellow Chair:)

 Another new line of ours: 
Posey Poof Pins made from felt

 Fabulous Grey Chair:)
Come shop with us - we are always open!