Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

This post is for my wonderfully, sweet and loving Mom. 

Even though my mom and I live 5 hours apart...we are always together.  There is not a day that I don't think of her and usually only a few days go by that I don't talk to her.  I crave her conversation and hearing her voice calms me in ANY situation {I'm 31 years old and stilll need my momma to tell me that everything will be okay}. 
I LOVE her soooooo very much.

I would definitely say that I have always been a momma's girl, especially growing up.  I'm sure I was that child that would not give her a moment of privacy.  Even when I was in High School, we were incredibly close.  

Tidbits about my Momma: 

*When my brother and I were kids, mom helped us boobie trap the yard at Halloween...we still laugh at a young boy that we scared:)  Other years, mom drove me and my friends around while we toilet papered our buds!
*She gave me the most wonderful birthday parties - I will treasure those memories in my heart forever.

*My mom has taught me how to be a good mom:)

*When I moved off to college, my momma stayed in my dorm room with me...I still laugh about the roly chair incidnet while decorating.

*My mom has always had FUN with us...I remember games of Memory, blanket tents, swimming in the backyard...

*My momma was one of my biggest fans in all my sporting events while growing up.  She was NOT afraid to stand up for me!
*In High School, mom would go walk the track while we would have cross country practice...AT 5:30 AM!!
*Mom made me bunny pancakes when I was a little girl:)

*My mom and I are "Peas and Carrots."

*She is our very own GRANJAN!

*My momma always remembers my birthday and is the 1st to wish me a happy 12:32pm.
*My mom still has her "Mom" mug that we got her one year at Jordan's Pharmacy in Hamilton, Tx.
*When both our little boys came into the mom was right there by our side.

*She always tells me how proud of me she is.
*My mom loves PINK just like me:)
*My momma is an excellent baker!  Lots of goodies growing up -- like my pink pound cake:!

But most of all, and more than mom has always made me feel soooo very LOVED. And I LOVE her right back!

I know she loves me, I feel it, and I think that is the greatest thing a momma can do for her child.  She tells me often that we come from a long line of love. 
I know her momma loved her just like she loves my brother and I. 
Home {in my heart} will always be where my mom is:)
"No one will ever love you like I do."

So...Happy Happy Mother's Day!
I love you bunches!


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