Monday, April 21, 2014

Pumpkin Patch and Pumpkin Carvin {2013}

Every year we try to visit the pumpkin patch and do some FUN Halloween festivities.  
I sadly think my boys are getting too big and bored with the patches --- however I'm sure I will make them go one more year --- Camille must have some 1st pumpkin pictures:))

We all had a great time:))  
I cannot believe how my boys have grown!

Our boys LOVE to carve pumpkins!  
I think they asked 495 times every single day since the day we bought the pumpkins.  

Sunday, April 20, 2014

My classroom -- 2013/2014 -- KINDERGARTEN :)))

{Still catching up:))}  In August I began my 2nd year at LPE and my very 1st year as a KINDERGARTEN teacher.  Kindergarten has been my dream grade level...and even now in April...I can still say that.  
Don't get me wrong --- they can whine, and cry, and tattle and tattle and tattle -- but I LOVE THEM!!  
I don't feel like I ever want to leave:))

I luckily got to keep the same room from the year before.  It just needed a bit of an over haul:)) 
Vintage Circus was the theme I chose --- all fun Kinder rooms need a theme! 

The popcorn buckets in the cubbies are probably my favorite.

My area:))

These little stools are one of my favs too:)))  

This is where I sit to read alllllllllll the stories!!!

Our behavior management system --- LOVE that seal! (Thx to my BFF!)
And the little popcorn bucket word wall --- SOOOO much work, but VERY cute!

This classroom took LOTS of time to come together.  I spent many days over the summer laminating and cutting it out and printing books and just getting things organized.  
Teaching is definitely a work of the heart:))

{ WAYYYYY Behind!! } Beginning of school 2013

So...this is my 1st blog of the YEAR...IN APRIL:))  Life has just been too busy for blogging--I've got soooo much to catch up on.  I DO love this here blog --- one day I will LOVE looking back at these...I already do:)))
So...our "busyness"  --- We have a new person in our family.  I have LOTS to eventually blog about our Camille. 

For this blog, I am going back to August of 2013 --- seems like yesterday in a way:))
Our Keegan began his last year at Grace Place in the 4s classroom. 
He LOVES school and I feel so thankful that he is able to go:))

Here he is on "Meet the Teacher" night.

Such a "twinkle" in his little eyes!

And here he is on the 1st day of School!! 
{ I was at school myself -- so the hubs, again, had the responsibility of taking porch pictures:)) }

{LOVE the open sandal...#mommyissues!! }

And here is our Joshua on his 1st day of 3rd grade -- his "Meet the Teacher" is in a past blog:))
LOVE my little pancake!!

More blogging to come --- HOPEFULLY!!!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

North Pole Breakfast and Purple Jazzy

We had our 2nd annual North Pole Breakfast on December 1st this year.  Our elf {Purple Jazzy} arrived and brought us breakfast treats and some gifts:))
He finds the cutest placemats for the boys to work on!  This year he found Christmas tree crayons!!
J's placemat
K's placemat
He left his breakfast for us in the fridge.  He is so thoughtful :)))
NEW pajamas!!!
And beautiful NEW ornaments. 
Even one for our new baby to come -- Camille :)
Keegan's ornament
Joshua's ornament
And here are some of his monthly morning greetings :)  We have such a sneaky one!!
One morn he even drew on the boys faces!
K was NOT super thrilled!!
This was our last Friday before Christmas break:))
Such a FUN guy to have around!  We look forward to his return in 2014!!