Saturday, October 7, 2017

Happy Birthday MOM!

Today my mom is 60 years old!  (Sometimes I wish I was 60 --- I would be kid free!!)  (I really don't...except I kind of do!)

So I did not get my mom a gift. :(  And mom...I hear you now.  I  know its okay, but I NEED to show you how much you mean and how loved you here goes!

60 memories of MY MOM and reasons why I LOVE HER (random order)

1.  Our Connection -- I would not change it for the WORLD!
2.  She loves me SO BIG and I love her the same way back.
3.  She is BEAUTIFUL!!!
4.  She is thoughtful and sends us random stuff.
5.  She makes the best chicken salad and SS Rolls :))))
6.  We know so many quotes of movies we like.
7.  She is our GLUE and always has been.
8.  She taught me EVERYTHING I know!
9. She always made my lunches and had groceries in the house.
10.  She will still cook me whatever I ask for.
11.  My birthday parties were always the BOMB.
12.  She went to alllllll my sporting events! (I'm paying for this one now!)
13.  We have so many cat stories.  My mom once made a song about my cat named Max!!
14.  She will STAND up for what she believes!!  Mom I love your feisty side!
15.  In HS she would let me skip marching band bc I was tired.
16.  She KNOWS right from wrong -- and she is always correct.
17.  She has so much courage!
18.  She was there when all 3 of my babies entered this world.  
I COULD not have done it without her!
19.  When our college house was on fire...she was on her way in a heartbeat!
20.  She spent the night with me in my first dorm room.
21.  She will talk on the phone to me as long as I need to talk.
22.  She sends me text messages of LOVE.
23.  She was a yes mom growing up...sleepovers, riding around the neighborhood.  She was and IS the best.
24. She always went all out for holidays when we were growing up.  
25.  Mom - you love me unconditionally and I LOVE YOU!
26.  We can laugh till we cry at random funny stuff!
27.  I adore that we are Peas and Carrots --- and our Millie is a Raddish.
28.  My mom is a bargain shopper.
29.  She works HARD!
30.  She lets me know I make her proud.
31.  She listens to me -- really listens.  She can hear what I don't say.
32.  I love how we played cars when I was little.
33.  She also put me to bed and would stay with me when I was scared.
34.  She always offers to get my kids or us what we need.
35.  She is my BEST FRIEND!
36.  She is always the first to wish me a Happy Birthday.  She remembers the time I was born.
37.  She cut me some slack back in the years of bad attitudes.
38.  She always had me lay on the counter while she washed my hair.
39.  My momma LOVES fleece!!  Cozy Cozy!
40.  I love to hear the sound of her voice.
41.  And I love her smell -- I remember going to Granny's house and smelling my Winnie the Pooh gown and immediately telling Granny that I missed my momma.
42.  My mom is STRONG!!
43.  She makes the best of each day and wakes up happy.
44.  I don't remember her ever yelling at me.
45.  She would walk while I ran back in the day.
46.  She was and is my biggest fan.  She would dress me after freezing cold track meets and she would be waiting with yellow Gatorade.
47.  She would let me take her car when I was learning to drive -- I almost killed us both once on Hwy 22.  
48.  For the longest time after leaving home, our visits would end with major tears.  
49.  She enjoys the simple life!  My kids have walked her river bottom more than once.
50.  She is SO helpful!
51.  She takes time for others.
52.  Mom is a card person --- I did not even send her one for 60.  
53.  She doesn't care tho --- she knows I'm busy and I LOVE her more than a card could say.
54.  She LOVED LOVES and is  LOVING her momma and daddy -- we come from super long lines of  LOVE.
55.  I need her approval.  She is in my head :))
56.  She gave us curly curly hair!! 
57.  She once shaved my legs when I was super preggo.
58.  She can laugh at herself and tell hilarious stories. (She truly has 9 lives!)
59.  She is easy going and KIND to others.
60.  She is so much of who I am and I could not love her more.

Happy Happy Day MOM!!!


  1. ok...I'm totally crying!! Such a sweet idea....I know Gran Jan will love all these amazing memories and words in her honor!! Happy 60th Birthday!!!