Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

We made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch last Sunday.  Last year we found the coolest one with a "real" little train...but it was closed this year:( 
So...we went to the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch - which is super great also! 

But it was H O T!!!

The merry go round was a fav for both Joshua and Keegan. 
K preferred this over the bounce houses!

"Faster, faster we need another master."  (Do you remember that from elementary school??)

Going on a Hayride:)

I LOVE looking and comparing pics from year to year.  Here is my sweet K at 2 vs. 1.

So, no "real" train at Flower Mound, but this one was pretty fun...LOTS of giggles:))

2 years ago...LOVE this pic:)

:(  He's grown sooo much!

And a little face painting to end our trip:)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Moms and Muffins

Breakfast at school with Joshua...and this is the smile he gives me:))

We had a lovely, very brief, breakfast on this Friday morning (10-14-11). 

I am trying so very hard to treasure every moment I have with this child...for I know
he is growing and changing before my eyes.  

LOVE him! 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"They call me a Fireman"

Last Thursday Keegan and I got to go see some firemen, and of course the TRUCK! 

K was NOT a great listener at storytime...
(I can see his future offenses at Kindergarten circle time)...but he did like the truck :)

Ms. Heidi and "Eefun" met us there!

The park across the street was the favorite of the day!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Days of our Lives:)

so these are the everyday pictures...usually saturdays. 

starting off here with a powdered donut breakfast...and chocolate milk of course. 
the boys LOVE chocolate milk and I have made more glasses than I could even begin to count!

someone these days does not appreciate the camera...

on this particular day we made naptime that is!

a little cupcake with your sprinkles???

binks is actually good for something...he loved licking the sprinkles off the floor:)))

we spend hours and hours outside.  keegan LOVES to play "bikikles!"

notice the 4 of us, plus binks the cat and 2 fish.


speedy gonzales!

i heart this picture!!

keegan says "Enough Already!"

(side note on the title...Days of our Lives, the soap opera, will forever be in my memory.  my, aunts, granny, etc watched it when i was small.  i remember even watching it in our rv's at the lake.   and these are the days of our lives....)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

"Team Szymanski"

This weekend we spent lots of family time together - hence the title "Team Szymanski."  On Saturday morning we went to the park.  :)

Anywhere the boys can be outside...they LOVE!







Then today...Sunday morning...we decided to go for a hike (ok I decided).  But the gang was completely up for it.  So we drove the short drive up to Eagle Mountain Park and took a nice, L O N G, hike through the wilderness.  :)

Lots of rocks along the way.

The person who built these little stairs along the side is a saint!

Taking a break!

Overall we made it about 3 miles!!!  Pretty good I'd say for our 1st family hike!!!

The lake was our final destination.

Sweet K just cannot stay out of the water.  :)

On the way back we all realized just how exhausted we were.

FUN FUN times!