Saturday, October 15, 2011

Days of our Lives:)

so these are the everyday pictures...usually saturdays. 

starting off here with a powdered donut breakfast...and chocolate milk of course. 
the boys LOVE chocolate milk and I have made more glasses than I could even begin to count!

someone these days does not appreciate the camera...

on this particular day we made naptime that is!

a little cupcake with your sprinkles???

binks is actually good for something...he loved licking the sprinkles off the floor:)))

we spend hours and hours outside.  keegan LOVES to play "bikikles!"

notice the 4 of us, plus binks the cat and 2 fish.


speedy gonzales!

i heart this picture!!

keegan says "Enough Already!"

(side note on the title...Days of our Lives, the soap opera, will forever be in my memory.  my, aunts, granny, etc watched it when i was small.  i remember even watching it in our rv's at the lake.   and these are the days of our lives....)

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