Sunday, October 2, 2011

"Team Szymanski"

This weekend we spent lots of family time together - hence the title "Team Szymanski."  On Saturday morning we went to the park.  :)

Anywhere the boys can be outside...they LOVE!







Then today...Sunday morning...we decided to go for a hike (ok I decided).  But the gang was completely up for it.  So we drove the short drive up to Eagle Mountain Park and took a nice, L O N G, hike through the wilderness.  :)

Lots of rocks along the way.

The person who built these little stairs along the side is a saint!

Taking a break!

Overall we made it about 3 miles!!!  Pretty good I'd say for our 1st family hike!!!

The lake was our final destination.

Sweet K just cannot stay out of the water.  :)

On the way back we all realized just how exhausted we were.

FUN FUN times!

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