Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up Part TWO:)

We had a little family party for J on Saturday and had so much fun
Lots of swimming, food, and fun!

 Viola, Kyle, and Mom

These boys thought they were better than my pictures...HA...showed you!

Joshua and cousin Kennedy

My Daddy - known to the littles as MIKEY!

How sweet is this?!?!  (I bribed her with a pink ring pop!)

A kitchen floor picnic - what every birthday party needs:)

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!!!

The afterparty:)

After the party ended, we all got a good nights sleep...except my dad and Kyle...who patrolled all night!  They were such troopers though - they met us at Kyle's pool bright and early the next morning 
for a donut breakfast and more swimming.  

My hubs doing a CANNONBALL...kind of:)

 last year (2010) and this year (2011)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up Part ONE:)

This past weekend was Joshua's Birthday weekend, so Babi and Grandma flew in from Washington State to help us celebrate and soak up some TX sun. We were all so happy to see them and have them with us for a few days...J and K especially.  (Babi spoils them rotten!)

Here is Josh getting some early bday presents:)

On Friday, we all went to Keller Pointe to cool off!

Babi went down the big slide...brakes and all:)

Krys, his momma, and his boys!

J LOVED the big slides!  No Fear Whatsoever!

4 Generations!

No rest time = some sleeeepy boys!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Joshua!

Today my sweet Joshua Michael turns 6...actually tonight at 10:38pm.  Back 6 years ago it was my mom, Krys' mom, and Krys and I in our hospital room waiting for our lives to change forever.  Today we are surrounded by family too.  At 6, I'm sure he doesn't understand how special that is, but I sure do.  We have had an awesome weekend with Babi and Grandma from WA and GranJan, Mikey, Bubba, and Ken too. (party post coming soon.)  BUT REGARDLESS...lots of love in our home this weekend.  There is something special about a 1st born child that is completely hard to explain and put my finger on.  I guess he was the one I got to love 1st and a.b.s.o.l.u.t.e.l.y unconditionally

He is my pancake and there are no others like him. 

Happy 6th Birthday!
I love you sooooo much Joshie Michael!

Love, Mom  

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We are having a...


A typical weekday afternoon...swimming and playing and a naked Keegan:)

Mya and Joshua

Sweet Maddy!

Bad picture...but you get the idea.  Every Tuesday we listen for the trash trucks:)

MOVIE DAY!  This Crew and Karen and I all went to the $1 movies to see Despicable Me.

Aidan, Mya, Riley, Joshua, and Finley

Then...sweet Karen treated us all to McDonalds! 

Ms. Karen and Riley invited J and F to go to VBS. 
Here are the kiddos on the last evening. 
All the mommas met them at SONIC!

:(  I think he is starting to NOT like having his picture made.

Sweet Ms. Karen...WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!