Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up Part TWO:)

We had a little family party for J on Saturday and had so much fun
Lots of swimming, food, and fun!

 Viola, Kyle, and Mom

These boys thought they were better than my pictures...HA...showed you!

Joshua and cousin Kennedy

My Daddy - known to the littles as MIKEY!

How sweet is this?!?!  (I bribed her with a pink ring pop!)

A kitchen floor picnic - what every birthday party needs:)

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!!!

The afterparty:)

After the party ended, we all got a good nights sleep...except my dad and Kyle...who patrolled all night!  They were such troopers though - they met us at Kyle's pool bright and early the next morning 
for a donut breakfast and more swimming.  

My hubs doing a CANNONBALL...kind of:)

 last year (2010) and this year (2011)

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  1. Girl...look at you just postin' away!! Love ALL the pictures!! They are great...I know J was so thankful for all you hard work last weekend!! Love ya!!