Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Soccer Days

I am finally ready to catch up on some bloggin!  We are in the midst of baseball now, but I could not forget all these SWEET soccer pictures of Keegan and his very 1st time playing a sport. 
I LOVE LOVE LOVE his little blonde spikey hair and his SMILE!

Field shots --- intimidating the other team --
and learning WHICH WAY to kick the ball :))
Uncle Bubba, Christie, Nora, and Ken came to see K in action:))
Some games were super chilly.
This was the game where Keegan scored his 1st goal!  He was sooo excited and was unstoppable after that!!
Sweet Nora:) 
Mikey came to this game too:))
After the last game we all gathered at CiCi's for a team party.
K was soo proud to get his VERY 1st trophy!! 
Coach Kristin was a great coach this year:))
Silly boy!
Sharing some the form of a gift card for all her hard work...and PATIENCE!

What a great 1st experience for Keegan.  He is an awesome hustler and LOVES going for the ball.  He has a lot to learn about sports, but I LOVE his LOVE to play!!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day:))

Today is Mother's Days!  As Keegan said first thing this morn, "are you gonna have a birthday party??!!"  I LOVE that every celebration should = a party...IT SHOULD:)))
Nonetheless, I am SUPER blessed to be a mommy and have 2 AmAzInG little boys. Life without them is unimaginable and I LOVE them more than they know.  I think mommyhood is something you cannot explain, only other mothers know the feeling. 
 Mommyhood has taught me soooo much!!! {good and bad...ha!}
So HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the mommas -- MINE included!!!  My momma is the BEST and I LOVE her soooo much:)  She is my constant source of LOVE and there is nothing I cannot ask her --- I still need her opinion on most things:)))  I love her like no one else!
I am sooo lucky to have LOTS of mommy friends too! 
Happy Mother's Day to you all!!!
some funnies from Pinterest:))
Photo: Thanks Moms for ALL you do! Praying a blessing over you today! <3 Proverbs 31 Ministries
Couldn't have said it better myself.
lol - true.
you know it!!!
Sign of a great mom! :)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

18 more days...

I am Waaaaaaaaaay behind on my blogging --- it seems to always get to me around Easter time, and then I get completely overwhelmed.
However, I see a break in the clouds...we only have 18 more {school} days till summer vacation!! 
I am soooo very excited about summer this year.  I'm ending my first year of teaching AND it will be my first summer "off" in FOREVER!!  We have a vaca planned and...if you know me,
I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the sun:)))
so...until then...I leave you THIS to look forward to:)))