Monday, March 12, 2012

Soccer Memories...

Joshua's 3rd year of soccer began last Saturday.  He is a "Ranger" this year.  He had such a great game...I am looking forward to watching him play this season.

Just for fun - or for sadness in my case - I've put this years pic as compared with years past.  MY GOODNESS, how this boy has grown :((

Joshua is such a soccer hustler!

...till next time:)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Girls Night Out:))

I finally took my camera to GNO!!  We have been getting together once a month for over a year now:))  I just LOVE our group of Boswell Ranch Ladies!!!

The first set of pictures was from our January gathering over at Nikki's house.  A fun game and great food = a wonderful

Ashley and Ashlee (A2 and A1)  {We are the Ashleeys!!}

Marsha and Karen

Nikki and Cathy

Mindy and Ash

Our February GNO was at Karen's house. 
Gift packs and Valentine's Day was our theme:))

Me and baby Charley:)

Linda and baby Donna

Our hostess Karen and Crescinda



Gretchen, Ash, and Charley

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all my girls:))

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Keegan's "Cars" Party!

Keegan was SOOO excited for his Birthday Party this year---I think 3 years old is the 1st time they "get" it a little more.  And "Cars" was his choice.  He talked forever about his Cars cake:))

His party turned out great!  A chilly day at the park, but we made some wonderful memories!

His beloved cake!

The "Cars" theme was Awesome!  SOOO many things around to go with it:)

Marshmellows & Strawberries - a few of K's favorite things!

And Balloons!!!

I LOVE this picture with all my heart and soul!

Donna and Granjan

Ms. Ashley and Owen

Finn and Josh


LOVE this one too:))

Cousin Kennedy, J, and B waiting for some cake:)

Making a wish...

Granjan and Uncle Bubba

What a crew! {K, J, B, and Aidan}

Heidi and Ethan

Grandpa Mikey

I can't believe my baby is 3:(