Monday, December 31, 2012


The night before Christmas the boys
were getting soooo excited for SANTA
Here they are sprinkling their reindeer food. 
{  Look at their poor little eyes ---
we had Christmas "crud" this year:(  }
Keegan was so much more aware of Santa this year and said he must have 3 cookies, because they gave him 3 on Max and Ruby:)) 
And chocolate milk of course!
He Came!!!
And Purple Jazzy got to stay for one more day.
We love our elf!
Santa brought us a TRAMPOLINE!!!
On Christmas morning a thunderstorm came in around 530am...
so we were up EARLY!!


Joshua reading Purple Jazzy's letter:))
Christmas Day was COLD and WET and it even SNOWED!!
No outside play for these little sickies though:(((
It was an awesome day of Rest and Relaxation...
and some PLAY:)
It was a Beautiful WHITE Christmas!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Christmas weekend with Mom

Last Saturday Mom came up to stay with us all for Christmastime:)) 
We LOVE LOVE LOVE GranJan visits and are always waiting on the curb for her!
We had a very relaxing Saturday of play and visiting.
Impatiently waiting to open gifts!
I like to use pictures as bribery:)) 
And there always has to be multiple takes to get'em all to smile!
Joshua, Kennedy, GranJan and Nora, Keegan, and Aidan
Such a SWEET picture of Kennedy {5} and GranJan. 
Joshua {7} and GranJan
And Keegan...LOVE his CheeZy smile!!! {3 1/2} with Granjan
We had yummy pizza for lunch, cute reindeer brownies for snack and them a wonderful meal for dinner...
Lots of great quality time:)
The next morning, Purple Jazzy had left the boys a Gingerbread House:)
This was their 1st time to do one of these and they worked sooo hard.  Keegan kept eating his candy though! 
Turned out pretty cute!!!
Sunday we spent the day resting and just visiting more.  The boys seemed to be getting sick, so Keegan slept most of the day.  Mom, J, and myself took a ride looking at Christmas lights before bedtime though. 
I LOVED doing that as a child:)
The next morning...look what Purple Jazzy got into?!?!
A little makeup from GranJan's luggage:))
We had a very nice Christmas full of memories. 
We LOVE our GranJan and family to pieces!!!

Parties and Presents

The last week of school before Christmas is a SUPER FUN & CRAZY one!!
It's full of party planning, gift giving, snack making, and just survival to make it:))
The pic above is of Joshua and his 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Smith.  Since I had to attend my students' party, I did not make it down to his.  I did catch them in the hall for this sweet pic though!
And, I made them reindeer drinks:) 
Gifts for my classroom girls -
THEY ARE AWESOME and are a HUGE help!!
I bought these bags below because I loved them sooooo much!!  So I made peanut butter yumminess to go inside and give away as treats...J gave one to his bus driver and I gave them to my mentor and team at school:))
I did not get pics of the gifts for Joshua and Keegan's teachers---burlap bags and all:))  Gift giving is really a lot of FUN!
Treats for Keegans classmates - cookies and a straw to go in some milk:)))
 LOVE this holiday paper!
I took the day off work and got to go with K to his little party.  Warning:  LOTS of pics...I don't get to visit him in his classroom that often:)))
I LOVE foot/hand print art pieces!

Together we made a special snowflake ornament for our tree!

Time for a little dancin!

Keegans 2 teachers ROCK!!
{Love you Ash!!}
A bubble in his mouth while waiting to open his book:)

K and Mrs. Mollie
K and Mrs. Ashley

My baby boy and I:)))) 
I love these moments!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the ornament his teachers helped him make!
It will hang on our tree forever!