Monday, December 31, 2012


The night before Christmas the boys
were getting soooo excited for SANTA
Here they are sprinkling their reindeer food. 
{  Look at their poor little eyes ---
we had Christmas "crud" this year:(  }
Keegan was so much more aware of Santa this year and said he must have 3 cookies, because they gave him 3 on Max and Ruby:)) 
And chocolate milk of course!
He Came!!!
And Purple Jazzy got to stay for one more day.
We love our elf!
Santa brought us a TRAMPOLINE!!!
On Christmas morning a thunderstorm came in around 530am...
so we were up EARLY!!


Joshua reading Purple Jazzy's letter:))
Christmas Day was COLD and WET and it even SNOWED!!
No outside play for these little sickies though:(((
It was an awesome day of Rest and Relaxation...
and some PLAY:)
It was a Beautiful WHITE Christmas!

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