Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas with Dad

Last weekend the kids and I went to Coleman to celebrate
Christmas with Mikey and Nonna!

Always a FUN time in Coleman:))


I LOVE catching little faces like this...see his excitement over candy!!

Mikey and baby Nora:)
 LOVE LOVE LOVE this pic of the best Grandpa ever!
 And Daddy!
Kyle and Christie
 Now this pic below says it all.  Mikey let all the kids just "experiment" in the shop.  The big boys made these boxes themselves...spray paint and all.  Mikey has the patience of a SAINT! 
Joshua will speak of this memory forever
I think I have some memories of this very thing from my childhood..sniff sniff:)
 Sweet Ken!
As always we had a WONDERFUL time!!!
We LOVE our Mikey and our Nonna!

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