Thursday, December 13, 2012

A visit with SANTA:)

This year I took the kiddos, by myself {hubs needed a morning of fishing:}, to Cabellas to visit with Santa.  I LOVE HIM:)))

They had the line going thru the TOY section this I tried to be sooo patient while we waited for about an hour. 
They behaved pretty well.

A cute little boy with a cute little gingerbread man.  I just LOVE gingerbread men this season!  SO CUTE!

I think Mrs. Claus is the absolute cutest!!! 
I wish I would have taken a pic of the HUGE hug K gave her when he saw her....SOOOO SWEET!!
Look how giddy Keegan looks:)) 
LOVE my boys!

The big man himself!!  They were both super comfortable and told all their wishes.  Apparently over 100 other kids have asked Santa for a trampoline this year...hmmmm:)

So...after our nice visit and a run thru the boat section and the fish section, it was time to go...without a toy...MAJOR heartbreak for this little boy:(

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