Saturday, December 8, 2012

North Pole Breakfast 2012

This year an elf...Purple Jazzy...has decided to join our home for the days leading up to Christmas.  Lucky for us, on the morning that he arrived, he also brought us an awesome, festive breakfast! 
We were sooo excited to see the spread on the 1st morning of December!!!
It was a NORTH POLE BREAKFAST - brought and made especially for us!

Here is JOSHUA's place setting and a new Christmas ornament:)
Fun straws, candy canes and chocolate kisses! 
How did our elf know exactly the things we like?!
Joshua - 7 years
Keegan - 3 years
Our breakfast had some of our favorites - donuts, chocolate and white powdered, Christmas cakes, marshmellows and lots of candy!
And...Purple Jazzy was sooo thoughtful to bring the boys new winter jammies!  Hopefully one day soon it will be cold here in Texas!
This was before we read The Elf on the Shelf.  We learned that he is not to be touched or he will lose some of his magic:)
Our elf also brought us new bowls -- he must've somehow known that J prefers cereal for breakfast!
The coloring placemats were a HUGE hit.  We had some AWESOME quality time coloring that morning with our new colors.
I'm SO happy our little friend has decided to come visit for Christmas and other Christmas' to come!
Stay tuned for all the mischief that he has been into...

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