Saturday, October 6, 2012


So...I seem to have really gotten caught up in life and I have soooo many pictures that I have never gotten to.  {I have a whole blog that will come one day soon about our Easter:) That's how behind I feel.} 
So, here are some highlights that will take us back into the summer. 
Kind of a phone/camera dump, if you will:)
Here is my sweet K - he recently learned to ride his bike with NO training wheels...HE IS 3! 
And SUPER fast.
Joshua and his 2nd grade teacher {Mrs. Smith} on the 2nd day of school:)  I'm kind of struggling with being the mommy I want to be and also, a teacher this year.
 We have a new niece in our family.  Sweet baby Nora was born on Meet the Teacher night:) 

A glimpse back to our summer days by Bubba's pool with a pizza lunch. 
Joshua and Aiden
More FABULOUS summer days -
the set of pics following are from our favorite splash pad with our favorite friends!!
It was starting to rain...

Playing outside...Maddy and K:)
 Angry Bird, Sweet Joshie!
Pinterest Project Jolly Rancher suckers!

And finally... just some summer day FUN!
Now I feel like I can move into FALL:)) 

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