Friday, April 25, 2014

Halloween Night 2013 :)

We LOVE Halloween around our is SOOO exciting!!  
This year it fell on a week day...ugh.  But that did not spoil our fun.  Sadly, Krys had to work, so we invited the Jacksons over for dinner and then out for some candy!

Pumpkin Pizza!!

Look at these sweet faces!!  Soon they will be too big to dress in costume :(((
This year Keegan (4 1/2) LOVED his police officer costume.  Joshua (8) wanted to be an army dude --- and so the army ninja worked perfectly!!


Joshua, Keegen J., Hannah, and Keegan :)))

Hannah was the jail bird and K the officer!!  

Our 1st stop of the night was Grace Place --- a fun little carnival with some trunk or treating!
We saw the Tremaines:))  LOVE these Toy Story characters!!

K and his teacher Ms. Naboli (Natalie) :))

Such FUN memories!!  
(Camille already has her costume for next year...oh.the.cuteness!!!)

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