Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July:)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 4th of July:)  Summer Holidays are the BEST!  I enjoy pulling out RED, WHITE, and BLUE all around the house and in our clothing. 
And I LOVE being an AMERICAN!!

  I am so grateful to live in this glorious country and feel safe and secure:) 

On July 3rd, we piled up in the cars with our besties and went to see some fireworks:)

LOVE this crew of 6!

{my boys are sporting their "summer hair" here:)}

trying to wait patiently for the show...popcorn, juice boxes, necklaces, glowsticks and ALL:)


On Wednesday, the actual July 4th, we had our
3rd Annual Tremainski BBQ!

lots of swimming...

and delicious drinks and food - hubs has become the chef...he made us all sliders and 7 layer dip. 
oh...and Ash made us some AwEsOmE banana pudding:))) 
We Joey licked the bowl clean! ha!

Wonderful memories made here:)

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  1. LOVE the action shots!!! Those were awesome! We had a blast, can't wait till next year!