Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summertime FUN:)

If you know me, you know I LOVE summertime!  I love having fun filled, busy days, making lots of memories. 

The one below was start the day, we all went to our favorite splash pad in Roanoke with our best friends:)))
Then...that afternoon...after naps of course (my favorite part of the day), Uncle Bubba and Ken came over and we went to a local library to see Max from "Max and Ruby."
Keegan, Kennedy, Joshua and Maddy:)

I cannot see this bunny without singing the song..."Max and Ruby, doo la doo doo doo doo doo, Ruby and Max..." 
K LOVED him!!

So cute!
A little craft time:)

A sweet group picture outside on the bench.
Ha, Ha..the irony!
{completely unintentional}
Maddy got to stay for the evening with us:) 
Spaghetti dinner and movie time!

LOVE these two!


Then....On Saturday Krys and I took the boys to Bedford Splash!  It was our 1st visit and SO much FUN!!  Something for everyone!

K lOvEd this little slide...he got a little too brave at one point and tried to crawl back up it.  K and the lifeguard became BFF's:)

Joshua had a wonderful time too.  A great big slide that he did SOOO well, lily pad jumping, and lots of swimming.  I'm so proud of this boy:)))

Then....after our fun day in the sun...I did a little shoppin!  Found the cutest OWL necklace to start off my school year:))

And then Today...we are cleaning, organizing, and trashing stuff!!!  I feel the urge to get this casa completely organized.  So, I have a FULL trash can, I will have a FULL car to go to Goodwill, and my BRAIN is completely fried!!

A great weekend!

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