Friday, June 22, 2012

Our Dining Room...

This is my 1st ever link up!  So exciting:)))  I'm linking up to Kelly's Korner today to show the world our "dining room."  Technically I suppose it is an eat in kitchen...but nonetheless...IT IS where we dine. 

 I am very happy with this spot in our home.  The shelves over the windows are new and I LOVE them. 
I am a vintage goods collector and shelves have always been part of my plan.  I LOVE our table also!  We picked it out at World Market about 4 years ago and it has been a great table.  We eat all our meals here:) 

My chalkboard project on an old cabinet door:)

I cannot wait for my shelves to be overflowing with more finds and treasures!

Now this light is probably my MOST FAVORITE piece in my entire house!  The actual light came with the house, but I added the mason jars....soooo easy, and soooo beautiful!

I soo want to have treasures on my table at all times...but how in the world would I keep the kids away?!

Since this is my first link up, I obviously missed the kitchen posts.  So, I'm throwing a few of my favorite kitchen items in here:))

Love this turquiose vintage can!

A view of the whole thing.  (Now, like almost everyone else, I do have lots of wants for this space.  However, for the most part, it is me...kind of a cottage, country, LIVED IN {2 wild little boys and a hubs} kitchen!)

That's it!  Thanks for looking:))


  1. LOVE IT!!! It's so cute...but I think I've told you that a coupla times!! ;) The rest of your home is just as WONDERFUL!! Can't wait to see you "link up" more often!! Love you!!

  2. I LOVE YOUR CHAIRS! Please, tell me where to find them. We are redoing our diningroom right now, and the chairs are the last piece to put together.

  3. Love you Ash!!!

    My chairs are from world market---about 4 years ago, but they may still have them. We LOVE them! One {of the set of 4} has even become our computer chair:))

  4. I adore your kitchen. The shelves are wonderful. The lighting is so pretty. Super great looking chairs too.


  5. You have a great eye for retro!!! What a cute area! The table is great and I must say how creative your light fixture is! I love that!

  6. WHat an AWESOME light - and I really like the shelves above the curtains too! Thanks for sharing!!!


  7. I really like your light with the Mason jars. Very cool.

    As you can tell I am a few weeks behind on my blog reading :)