Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Boys:))

Our bedtimes around here usually start about 730 on school nights.  And tonight we were right on schedule. 
Krys layed with Joshua to listen to him read and study his spelling words for his test tomorrow...
And I layed with talk, as he likes to call it.  Remember this post?!?! 
{as a child I LOVED to lay in bed with my mom and play "cars."  I guess it must be a genetic thing:)}
But as we layed there, and he got a little quiet, he started singing:
"God our Father,
God our Father...
We thank You,
We thank You...
All the many Blessings,
All the many Blessings...
This is a song he has learned at his preschool and he sang it perfectly:)
I was such a proud mama I almost cried! 
I just LOVE my boys more than they will ever know!!!

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