Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Great Weekend:)

A couple of weekends before school started we took a whole family trip to Mikey and Donna's:))  It's so fun to load up the car and hit the road for a few hours.  I sooo remember doing that as a child {going to lakes, family's houses, etc.}  The boys were super excited. 
"Are we there yet?!"
We were met there by some rain, but luckily it did not last too long. 

The boys LOVE to go to Mikey's country to fish and ride the gator:)

Joshua got a fish!
And Keegan too!

A ride on the gator:)
Driving me around:) 
This boy is a GOOOOOD driver:)
Popcorn and a Movie

Mikey and his boys!  LOVE this crew!!!

Another fish for Josh!

It was sooo nice to get away.  We had some wonderful quality time with each other and Mikey and Donna! 
Looking forward to our next trip:))

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  1. Looks like ya'll had a BLAST!! Way to go boys...those are some awesome looking fish!!!