Sunday, September 2, 2012

Keegan is going to PRESCHOOL!

In 2 days our baby boy will start 3 year old PRESCHOOL!  And he could NOT be more excited.
Every.single.night, I lay in bed with him and we talk about what he will have in his new {firetruck} lunchbox.  It goes like this:
K:  "Mommy, guess what?"
M:  "What?":)
K:  "I'm gonna take cheeseburgers...let's talk about noses!!"
M:  "Do you want noses in your lunchbox?!"
K:  "Noooo"
And it goes on and on...he loves to talk about the silly things, like bunk beds, and mommy's car, and Binks.
It's just our routine I guess:))  Cracks me up though!
It was so cute to see him at
Meet The Teacher night:)


Our BELOVED Mrs. Ashley is one of K's teachers and Mrs. Mollie is the other!


I LOVE this boy to the moon and back!

Sweet Keegan, I am sooo looking forward to seeing all that you learn this year.  I know it will be so much fun to play with friends in your new BIG school. 

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