Monday, December 9, 2013

Szymanski Baby #3 :)))

After we got home from Vacation, we found out we were pregnant and having Szymanski baby #3!  I wanted to find a special way to tell the boys and our family.  Lucky for us---they were all planning to come to Joshua's 8th bday party...even Krys' mom and dad from Seattle!!  So...I found these SUPER CUTE t-shirts and pretty much had them over-nighted to get here in time. 
I wrapped them up for the boys to open at our house before we left for the party.  It was SOO special, I think I was crying before they even got into the packages!! 
Our family was super surprised and excited!!  My mom thought K was opening a present for J -- because HE was the big brother...I think Krys' mom was just amazed by the excitement!!
My sis in law Christie got it right away...and then the kids caught on:))
It was a SUPER SPECIAL moment and I love the way the reveal turned out!!
And of course we had to do a photo session a few days later in our shirts:))
These boys are going to be the BEST big brothers!!!


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