Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Our Christmas Decor {2013}

Just a quick little Christmas Eve post...for my memories mainly...about our decor this season:))
These 1st few are of our "office/play" area.  We have recently redone this spot and I LOVE the shelves!!!  Krys and I hung them ourselves:))
I LOVE paper straws, blue mason jars and pom pom ribbon!!  The little green Christmas box is one of my favorite pieces I found while junkin a few years ago:)
LOVE the vintage Santa mug:))
 Little trees everywhere:)
This is Christmas in the boys room.  They have their little paper trees from our North Pole Breakfast, their own larger tree and some AwEsOmE Christmas lights on their dresser!
I made these a few years ago from my Papaws old shirts....I LOVE THEM SOO MUCH!
Little artwork melts my heart:)
{and look at his name:))}
The front door this year...very simple:)) 
And we always hang our icicle lights on our house.  This year I almost nixed this project, but luckily Krys was more motivated than I was:))
My ladder bookshelf in the living room:)
The mantel...
and our beloved SANTA --- with Purple Jazzy!!  Ha!! 
{Boys had such a hard time finding him this morn!}
Our tree.  Not a great pic---it is prettier in real life. 
Next year we are FOR SURE getting a new one -- I say this every year, but I mean it this one.  This here tree has been with me since my Christmas' in high school:))
FAVORITE ornaments:))
Keegan's hand Santa from last year {2012}
Ones he made at school THIS year
Our keepsake from Christmas with Dad and Donna at the Gaylord:) 
{Post to come about this}
Our beach vacay keepsake:) 
Joshua's Lake Pointe Owl from this years class party
AND...baby Camille's 1st ornament!  Purple Jazzy left it for her at our North Pole Breakfast!
A little Christmas in the kitchen:)
And that's pretty much it.  I had LOTS of projects in mind this year but got too busy:) 
 I LOVE Christmas and I hope I always do:))  I hope my home is always a warm and welcome place to our children and family!


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