Friday, December 6, 2013

Last days of Vacay...Part 4

I think it was the very last night of our vacation---after we were completely burned by the sun---that we took some beach pictures.  I bribed them with some "night swimming" in the pools!  I really love how they turned out and some really capture the boys at this age:)) 
 We even got a very good family pic
{Thanks ash for letting us use your tripod}!
If I get super ambitious it will be our Christmas card this year....we'll see!

Our parking spot still makes me laugh!!  It took us soooo long to finally find it and then probably a 12 point turn to get in it.  One day Krys and I had to climb out the back...hilarious, but memorable!!
Back home --- LOVE TEXAS {even tho sometimes I say that I don't...I really DO}!

The End!

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