Saturday, September 24, 2011

A to Z of me!

I got this idea off of another blog that I love to read.  So I decided to do it myself. 
Not SUPER interesting...but maybe relateable:)

A - Age is 30 :(  I don't feel like a young chick anymore.

B - Bed Size is Queen...and I want a bigger one very badly.

C - Chore dislike the most is Emptying Dishwasher and Putting Away Clothes. 
(You should see the top of my dryer!) 

D - Dogs...NONE.  We do have cat the size of a dog though:)

E - Essential start to the day...hmmm...hard one, I like to have a little bit of ME time.

F - Favorite color, again hard!  Pink and turquiose right now.

G - Game... (I'm changing my topic)  I LOVE the game Wahoo!!

H - Height is around 5'5

I - Instruments...I played the clarinet in HS.  It was cool to be in the band in my HS...promise!

J - Job is a teacher...although I having a hard time with it!

K - Kids...I have 2 CrAzY, sweet, and lovable little boys, 6 and 2.

L - Live in the great state of TEXAS!  I moved away once but quickly found my way back home:)

M - My MOM is Janice and I could NOT live without her!

N - Nicknames...Ash and MOM

O - Overnight hospital stays...only with babies I think.

P - Pet Peeves...I know I have a gillion...just can't think of any right now...

Q - Quote from a movie...I have lots.  "Beginnings are scary, Endings are usually sad, but it's the Middle that counts."  Hope Floats.

R - Right or Left handed...Right

S - Siblings...I have one brother name Kyle.

T - TV show...sad, but I'm currently obsessed with Make room for Multiples.  And I LOVE HGTV!

U - Underwear...without a doubt!

V - Vegetable...pass...not my fav.

W - What makes you run late?  I spend too much time with my hair...I am my momma's daughter and it must be genetic:)

X - Xrays...not sure

Y - Yummy foods that you make?  Caramel Popcorn:)

Z - Zoo animals - Zebras.

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