Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rhome Pioneer Days - Rags to Riches...Sept. 10, 2011 :)

Ashley and I finally decided to do our 3rd craft fair and this time it was just right up the road in Rhome, TX.  We packed the car to the brim and drove up that morning at 6am!  Ash and I have such FUN road trips! 
Here we are allll set up and waiting for customers:)

Some of our goods:

We were so grateful to be able to borrow a tent from Karen for this event.  We did not get a pic of it, but she (Karen) had the Aggie tent right beside us!  The tents alone drew a nice crowd!

LOVE our old farmhouse "winders!"

Dallas Cowboys...anyone??!!

Karen had her booth of jewelry next door - it was such a fun day with just us gals!

SOLD to Karen!

We had LIVE music all day long...and we were right beside the stage:) 
These dancers were too cute!  LOVED their skirts!

The day was long, tiring, and dirty...but SO much FUN!  Looking forward to our next event:)

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